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    The game brings you the excitement of bike racing, speed, control and adventure. You can perform dangerous stunts, improve your landing and become a skillful racer. It will remind you of childhood games Bike Mania and Elasto Mania.

    There are no special skills required to play Bike Race. Drive the bike through the tracks by pressing the screen to accelerate or brake and tilt the device in order to lean your amazing bike. There are 12 different worlds for example Desert, Arctic, Dunes, Hills or Beach, each with its own fascinating features.

    Bike Race includes the Single and Multiplayer mode, as well as easy controls, great graphics and a huge number of levels.  Each version added new incredible tracks and worlds to make the game more and more entertaining. There are also 15 bikes that can significantly improve your performance.  You have to earn stars or buy them in order to unlock them.

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    There are also bikes that you can only buy, these come as extra once you run our Bike Race Hack – Kids Mode, Super Bike and Ultra Bike. But you’ll know how to unlock all these bikes for free after you download Bike Race Hack from our website. Bike Race is a really fun game to play that provides a fantastic experience for the users. Its diversity always keeps you entertained. The bikes which may be unlocked in Bike Race after completing some tasks or downloading our Bike Race Hack are the following:

    • Girl Bike – is a bike that jumps high and it’s well balanced.
    • Retro Bike is good for wheeling and tilting.
    • Acrobatic Bike is the bike that tilts the easiest.
    • Bronze Bike – is quicker than the regular bike.
    • Ninja Bike has the fastest acceleration.
    • High Tech Bike is good for traction.
    • Police Bike is a fast bike that performs good stunts and it is also durable.
    • Silver Bike improves accelerating and speed.
    • Zombie Bike is an unbreakable bike, which makes it very reliable.
    • Hog Bike jumps very well. That makes it amazing for obstacles.
    • Ghost Bike is an unbreakable and fast bike. It also fits in small places.
    • Gold Bike is the fastest bike in the game.


    Latest Version 1.14 

    File Name Bike Race v 1.14


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